Calgary, Alberta skyline at sunset

Cowtown – Stampede – Milkshakes!

Calgary is Alberta’s largest city.

Pop: 1,392,609 (Metro)

Time Zone: MST (GMT -7)

Calgary holds a special place in my heart. This is the first city I moved to when my family moved to Alberta from Saskatchewan.  Calgary is home to some great times. Whether it’s in the summer or winter.

Getting Around!

Calgary is set up on a quadrant system. The city is spit down the middle into four sections NE, NW, SE, SW. Make sure to take note of which you need to be in.

Car / Taxi / Uber – Able to get from point A to B fairly straight forward. No complicated roads to navigate through. Downside is the traffic at times can be heavy.

Transit – When I lived in Calgary I took the C-Train everywhere. Never had a need for a bus. The train covers a great amount of the city. Depending on where you need to go you might need to take a bus or just Uber / Taxi from the train station.

Adult Fare – $3.30 Child (6-17) – $2.30 Under 5 – Free (As of January 16, 2018)

Things to do in Calgary

Calgary Stampede


Calgary is known for being a cowboy town! You can experience this most at the Calgary Stampede! The summers biggest festival in the city. Generally occurs over the second week of July. The Stampede is a rodeo, exhibition and festival all rolled into one massive party!!

The Stampede is known to draw in big concerts such as Garth Brooks, Luke Brian, Katy Perry, Keith Urban and Reba McEntire.

You will be sure to not sleep the entire week!!

Canada Olympic Park

Whether its winter and you can go snowboarding or skiing. You can also check out the Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton! As well as their tube park and hock rink.

As for summer you can get in some downhill mountain biking or check out the 810 foot slip and slide! Finish it off with a zip-line ride!

COP is also home to one of two Skyline Luge in Canada!

Calgary Luge

Calgary Zoo


Calgary Zoo is my second favorite. First being San Diego Zoo!

The penguin habitat is huge and one of the first places you visit when you walk in. The zoo is fairly large and covers. This is a huge favorite for any age!


PETER’s Drive In


I can not stress that enough. With more than 4,500 flavor combinations to choose from. I personal favorite is the Strawberry, Oreo. Sometimes I add bubblegum to it.



Boogies Burgers!

This is one of those hidden gems! A co-worker of mine mentioned it and I made the effort to remember to stop by and I was not disappointed! Make sure to keep your eye open or you might miss it! Located at: 908 Edmonton Trail NE

Classic burger shop. I highly recommend the Keith’s Burger!

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