Jasper, Alberta


Ski, Hike, Cliff Jump

Jasper Alberta is located about a four-hour drive West of Edmonton. As with its sister town of Banff, Jasper is a small alpine town that has that small town vibe.

Please note – As the same with Banff, Jasper is located within a national park and all visitors do require a Parks Canada pass. These passes can be purchased at the park gates when you arrive.


Hotels and campgrounds in Jasper book up early, be sure to plan ahead.

For hotels I recommend;

  • Chateau Jasper – Rooms for $99 – Rooms are clean and great pool area. Hot tub is a bit small but more than enough to meet our needs.
  • Jasper Park Lodge – Rooms from $225 – Amazing hotel. Very nice cabin style rooms. Plenty of restaurants to choose from. The large outdoor hot pool is a great touch. Excellent golf course on site as well.

For campgrounds I recommend;

  • Whistler campgrounds – Located just South of the Jasper townsite. It is easily accessible to the townsite or to any trails you would want to hike or bike.


Things to Do


The summer months are a great time to get out of the city life and be with nature in Jasper. 


Jasper has plenty of trails to choose from. I highly recommend the Sulphur Skyline hike. It is about 8km long and it took me about 5 hours to complete. Be sure to bring food and plenty of water. The best part is the Miette Hot Springs are close by for when you return.

Other trails I recommend are;

A good number of the hiking trails can be used for mountain biking as well. Check each trail to see restrictions.

Whistlers Mountain

Take the Skytram to the top of Whistlers Mountain and experience amazing views of the Jasper townsite and area. While up there take a hike to the summit and enjoy!

jasper sky tram

Glacier Skywalk

This is one of those things I have not had a chance to get to do yet, SOON!

The Glacier skywalk.jpgSkywalk extends out over the valley and has a glass floor that allows you to look down the 918 Feet (280 metres) to the bottom.

I can’t wait to check it out!



Cliff Jumping


Horseshoe Lake is located about 20 mins south of Jasper along the Icefields Parkway.

When you arrive there is a short walk into the trees to the lake from the parking lot. You will pass an area where you can go left or right. If you go to the left this is the area with shorter cliffs and an easier swim to shore. If you go right you go to the bigger cliffs (see above). These range from walk in all the way to 63 feet high.

One thing to note is the water is COLD. We brought a pool thermometer with us and it was a balmy 14°C (57F).

The water is clean and clear. The area is beautiful!

***Disclaimer – Horseshoe Lake has in the past had participants become severely injured or died as a result of cliff jumping at the lake. Take all necessary safety precautions should you wish to participate. There is no lifeguard on duty and cell service can be limited. OneGuyOneGlobe cannot be held liable for any injuries or death resulting from activities taken from this site.

Athabasca Falls


Located just a few mins South of Horseshoe Lake. Athabasca Falls is a majestic waterfall with amazing power.

Be sure to check it out when in the area!

Be sure to stay on the path. People have fallen into the falls by venturing to close.




Ski / Snowboard – Marmot Basin 

Marmot is a medium sized ski resort that offers a wide range of runs to chose from. The nice thing is that you can park your car then ski down to buy your lift ticket. When you go to leave simply ski to your car.




3 thoughts on “Jasper, Alberta

  1. chanelthelocaltourist March 17, 2018 — 2:23 pm

    Which did you like better? Banff or Jasper? 😛


      1. chanelthelocaltourist March 17, 2018 — 1:26 pm

        I visited both but only during the summer… and I would choose Jasper!!! 😛 Banff was beautiful but soso busy. Although come winter time I might say Banff… 3 mountains to ride! Woo! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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