Price is Right

Price is Right

My experience with attending a Price is Right taping.

For tickets: CLICK HERE

The Price is Right has always been one of my favorite game shows growing up. I remember when I would be home sick from school watching it. I knew one day I would get to go and see it in person. That day finally came in January of 2015.

I had a trip planned to go to LA with my friend Joel and dragged him along, (he was a good sport and didn’t put up a fight).

I requested the tickets about two weeks in advance. It’s quick and you know your ticket type right then and there. You can then print them to bring them to the studio.

There is no parking directly at the studio. You will need to park at The Grove located behind the studio building. It is a short 7 minute walk to the gate.

If you arrive early you will need to stand outside the gate on the sidewalk. The ticket staff will come out and get everyone to sort themselves based on the ticket you hold (Priority, General or Stand-by).

Once it is time to start the intake process, you will enter through the gate. At this time your ticket will be scanned and your ID checked. Someone will hand you a package of paper to fill out. This is your waiver and tax forms. You accept that you will be on TV and that if selected you will pay all taxes for any prizes awarded.

Line #1 -You then enter a queue. While in that line you can fill out the paperwork. A staff member will be about half way down and will look over your documents. They will then give you your name tag and a number. As you move down the line you will get your picture taken. Both by yourself and with the group you came with. While in this line you have access to washrooms, a gift shop and a small concession area.

Line #2  – You will now be placed in a second queue. This on is an important one! The studio staff take you in groups of about 25-30. You are then brought down to be interviewed by a show producer. They will look at your name tag and say “Peter, where are you from and what do you do?” You have the next 10-15 seconds to WOW them. Stand out from everyone else!! After your group has been interviewed you then head around the building into another line.

Line #3 – You will now go through a metal detector. This is where you can no longer have your cell phone. If you have your phone with you the security staff will check it, similar to a coat check. You will then enter a queue. There is three rows of long benches to sit on. Above they have TV’s showing past episodes of The Price is Right to watch. There is a small concession with hot food items. This is also the last washroom location available.

Studio Entry – Once the studio is ready to bring you in then staff will come down and give a final warning about washrooms. About 5-10 mins later they will return and take one bench at a time into the studio. You will go up a few flights of stairs. When you enter the studio if you look to the right you will see when the show will air.

Studio – Now that you are in the studio a member of the staff will ask how many people in your party and then direct you to another staff member to seat you. Keep the energy up. Everyone is happy to be there, have a great time.

Taping – Just before the show is ready to tape a member of the crew will give some instructions and information about the taping. They will explain about when they call the names of the contestants that they also list the names on giant poster boards.

Now that the show is ready to start taping, George comes out and introduces himself. Once the show starts taping you wont be able to hear a thing. It is so loud! Everyone is full of energy. Even if you don’t hear whats going on play along.

Commercial Breaks – These can take some time as the crew prepares the studio for the next pricing game. During this time Drew and George do some stand-up comedy.  So funny they really engage with the crowd.

Once the taping it over you are then escorted back out of the studio. As you leave you get one more look at the airing date on the wall. Once you exit the studio the security staff will have a table set up to return your phones. There will also be a table set up to distribute the photo that was taken earlier if you purchased it.

All in its a long day! We started at 8am and didn’t get out of the studio till about 245pm. The taping itself is about 2 hours. The rest is spent in the lines. However the time flies. When we left we didn’t think it took that long.

Even knowing how long it takes, I will go back in a heartbeat. So much fun!!

For tickets CLICK HERE!

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