The Ellen Degeneres Show

I had a trip planned to go to LA with my buddy Devyn back in September of 2013. We were going for just over a week. As I was looking at things to do I noticed there were tickets available on Ellen’s website. I knew it was a long shot since so many people put in a request but since they’re free I decided to go for it, what do I have to loose.

I put in the request about 5 weeks in advance. About a week later while I was at work I had a missed call from LA county. I listened to the voicemail and it was a staff member from the show. I called them back and they confirmed my date I was requesting tickets for and my mailing address.

Another week past and I got a letter in the mail. This had the show date and time of taping. It gave me instructions to park in the parking garage (Gate 3) across the street from the studio.  As well as other information like what to and not to wear (no logos or offensive clothing ect.)

Even though you have guaranteed tickets, ARRIVE EARLY! This is to allow you time to park and calm your excitement (for some people). Once you park your car, you will be directed down to the main level of the parking garage. There is a seated area with washrooms, vending machines and TV’s showing past shows for Ellen.

About 45 minutes before you go into the studio, a member of the security team will get everyone to form a line. They will then check your ID’s against the list. You will then be given a hand stamp.

Not long later you will be asked to form another line. This is where the staff will check your ticket and name against their list. Once confirmed they will give you a card with a number on it.

While you are in this area you are being watched by the shows producers! I watched them take two girls off to the site that were full of so much energy. They were later called to play a game on the show and won some $$$!!

Now it’s time to go into the studio! The staff will ask you to line up in the order by the number on your cards. You will be escorted in about 20-25 at a time. You cross the street and walk into the studio. At this point you will go through a metal detector and then form another line in a hallway. More TV’s show past episodes above your head.

When the riff raff room is ready, you will enter into it while still keeping a line formed in the room. You can still do some shopping and buy anything. We also had the option to buy after since Ellen was only taping one show that day.

Once the studio is ready, you will be escorted up the stairs and someone will ask how many people in your party. You are then shown where to go and they seat you. At this point you are still allowed to use your phones. So go photo crazy!!

The warm-up guy then comes out and starts interacting with the crowd. Get ready to dance! This is when they will tell you when the show will air. Usually the next day.

Before you know it the show starts. The energy in the room is crazy. I swear its like they put something in the air conditioning system.

While the show is taping it is hard to hear everything. There is speakers below the seats that help but when the audience is clapping or cheering its impossible. If you don’t know why everyone is laughing, cheering or clapping… FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! You don’t wanna be that one person the camera can easily see not clapping or cheering on national TV!

Enjoy the show it goes by so quickly. The taping takes about an hour and it feels like 10 minutes!

Once the show is done you are taken back to the riff raff room to go back to the parking garage.

During our show we all got a $100 gift card to Target. The staff distribute them as you exit the riff raff room.

That’s it! From arriving to leaving you are there about 3 hours. Now tell everyone to watch for you on TV as you embarrass yourself with your dance moves.

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