Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

A show that is really easy to get tickets to is Jimmy Kimmel. This is mainly because his show tapes daily, but doesn’t have insane give-a-ways like Ellen.

To get tickets you will need to go to 1iota.com.

Generally a week or two in advance is more than enough time.

You will receive one of three classes of tickets, Priority, General and Stand-by.

Priority is guaranteed entry as long as you arrive prior to the time on the ticket.

General is be 20-30 early and you should be good.

Stand-by well its hope and pray. (I have never had one of these so I do not know the odds or even how many they issue.)

I have been to two tapings myself. You generally do not always know who the guests are in advance. 1) JJ Watt & Channing Tatum 2) Shaun White & Dr. Oz

Parking – Park in the highlands underground parking it is across the street from the studio under the Dolby Theater. The show will validate your parking so make sure you bring the parking stub.

Queue – Time to get in line. Generally you need to line up right in front of the studio on Hollywood Blvd. There is usually staff from 1iota out there prior to the check in time to get everyone to line up in their respective tickets. While in line someone will check your tickets then give you a wristband.

When it is time to bring you into the building you will need to go through a metal detector. If you have a cell phone they will take it from you and give you a claim tag (just like a coat check)

At this point you will line up in the lobby. There is a giant protection screen showing past scenes from the show while you wait. Prior to going into the studio the staff will ask if anyone needs to use the restrooms. This is your last chance so take it.

Entering the Studio – Now the time has come. You will go down a set of stairs and enter the studio. When you do there will be a staff member that will assist in seating you.

Taping – Prior the Jimmy coming out the show will have the warm up guy come out. This guy will keep you entertained while the show is either on commercial or setting up. Keep the energy going and have a good time. The show takes just over an hour to tape. Plan to be there for about two hours or so.

That’s it. When you leave you will exit back onto Hollywood Blvd. However on days when there is a concert as well, you will be escorted out to the back parking lot.

Have you ever been or looking to go let me know!




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