Universal Studios Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay Entrance

Universal Studios Newest Theme Park, Volcano Bay! 

Volcano Bay is situated right on the Universal Studios Florida Resort. This massive waterpark is a must see when in the Orlando area. 

Getting to the Park

When you arrive at the resort you will go to the regular parking lot. When at the main gates, however, keep to your right as you will need to go right for the shuttles.

Parking and Admission

Parking is $20.00 a day per vehicle.

Admission to Volcano Bay is $67.00. If you are planning on attending the other parks you can get a park hopper which includes both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure plus Volcano Bay for $294.99 (2 days).

That all said I myself got a Preferred Annual Pass. The pass is $257.73 down and then $23.43 a month for 12 months. This pass gets you free parking and park to park access. The only blackout is Volcano Bay in July.

This is only if you are going to maximize the use of the pass. I have done two separate trips to Orlando this year. As such, I got my monies worth plus the monthly payment is an added benefit. With the pass, you get additional discounts and early park admission on certain days.

Once you have parked head over to security and then onto the shuttle bus for the short ride over to the gates.

Once at the Park

20170824_073317TapuTapu – When you arrive at the gates you will provide your admission ticket to be scanned and then handed a TapuTapu wristband.

This is a multifunctional smart watch (But not a watch).

You use it to reserve your spot in line for slides, pay for food and drinks, access your locker and get notifications from the park.

The TapuTapu is also interactive in some areas of the park as well when you tap it.


They are located in 3 areas.

  1. Left – When you arrive at the park turn left and walk past the gift shop. They will be right in front of you. Small area not that many lockers.
  2. Right – When you arrive at the park turn right and walk past the food court on the right and the lockers will be on your right-hand side. A larger area with plenty of lockers.
  3. Back of the Park – When you arrive turn right and walk around the park till you are almost by Krakatau Aqua Coaster. There is a large area with lockers just after you cross the lazy river bridge. This area is not as busy as the other two locations.

Cabanas / Reserved Seating

If you are with a family of at least 4 it is a smart idea to simply get a cabana. They are located all over the park. They provide towels, bottled water, fruit and snack basket as well as a locker.

The best part though is your very own private TapuTapu reserve kiosk in your cabana. No need to go to each slide to tap to reserve.

The reserved seating is for two on the beach with a canopy for shade and a built-in lockbox. Food and Drink service is also provided.

Be sure to reserve early! You can reserve up to 2 months in advance as of right now.

As of February 14, 2018, the cabanas are $159.99/day for up to 6 people and $299.99/day for up to 16 people. Reserved seating is $29.99/day.

Food and Drinks

While at the park you will only be able to get the regular fast food style of food. Most being the burger and fries. There are a few bars also located throughout the park that offers alcohol as well.



There is my list of favourite slides;

10. TeAwa The Fearless River – The fast-paced lazy river. You get going quick! Great way to waste time while you wait for your time on a slide.

9. Punga Racers – Get on your belly and ride the magic carpet down this slide. Be sure to pull up at the bottom or you will wipe out!

8. Maku – 4 Person raft – Nice quick ride, nothing hugely special.

7. Taniwha Tubes – 4 different slides to choose from! Always was ride now when I was there and it goes through people quick. The darker ones you get pretty fast in.

6. Puihi – Similar to Maku, just with a bit more adrenaline.

5. Honu – A 4 person raft slide, this one has some fog effects that makes you blind as you go down a drop!

4. Ohyah – A short but fun drop slide.

3. Ohno – Similar to Ohyah but the drop is higher and you go further.

2. Ko’okiri – Body Drop slide – Right from the top of the volcano! The floor dropped below your feet and you fall straight down. It’s a quick 2-second ride but the view is amazing from the top.

1. Krakatau Aqua Coaster – Nothing I have ever experienced before. It is literally a roller coaster as a water slide. You are sent down then rocketed back up again and around corners and more drops. It is a lot longer than I expected as well. So much fun.

***Note – Even though some of those sides say, 4 person. You can go solo however, you will simply be paired with other riders. Great if you are by yourself at the park or with someone too scared to ride it 😉

Have you ever been to Volcano Bay? Let me know what your favourite slide is!


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