Universal Studios Islands of Advenutre


Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure is one of 3 theme parks at the Universal resort.

The more thrill seekers version on the Universal Resort.

Prior to your trip I highly recommend checking the crowd calendar to know what type of crowd to expect during your visit. You can check it out here CROWD CALENDAR.

Getting to the Park

When you arrive at the resort you will go to the regular parking lot. You will then be sent left or right depending on the parking class you picked. I always get the general parking.

Parking and Admission

Parking is $20.00 a day per vehicle.

If you are planning on attending the other parks you can get a park hopper which includes both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure plus Volcano Bay for $294.99 (2 days). Admission to Volcano Bay is a $67.00 unless you get a 3 park-hopper pass.

That all said I myself got a Preferred Annual Pass. The pass is $257.73 down and then $23.43 a month for 12 months. This pass gets you free parking and park to park access. The only blackout is Volcano Bay in July.

This is only if you are going to maximize the use of the pass. I have done two separate trips to Orlando this year. As such, I got my monies worth plus the monthly payment is an added benefit. With the pass, you get additional discounts and early park admission on certain days.

Once you have parked head over to security in the centre. Once through security, you will then walk through the City-Walk and turn to your left to head to Islands of Adventure.

Once at the Park

Early Park Entry – This is for anyone with multiday passes, annual passes or staying at the on-site hotels. You are allowed into the park an hour early. However, in the case of IoA, you will only have access to Hogsmeade and Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey.

Express Passes – This is completely up to your needs while at the park. The express pass offers a shorter queue. However, if you travel in the offseason, the park is generally pretty manageable for crowds.

Universal Studios App – Highly recommend downloading it! It will give you real-time wait times for all the rides and attractions and in the case of Jimmy Fallon, you can get in the virtual queue!

Where to Start? – I would start off at Hogsmeade. Especially if you didn’t get a chance to get in the early park access! This is a huge attraction and The Forbidden Journey queue can grow quick!

Rides and Attractions


Incredible Hulk Coaster™ – One of my favourite coasters to ride! You first start off with going up like normal then you are rocketed out of the tunnel. The ride since they upgraded it is very smooth and so much fun!

Note that you can not have anything in your pockets. Lockers are provided for free to store them while on the ride. You will go through metal detectors prior to entering the ride.

Skull Island – King Kong™ –  You board a tram and take a journey to Skull Island and Meet King Kong. This ride is very short and the line can be long at times.

Dr Doom FearFall – You sit on the side of the tower and take a trip up to the top where you get a second before falling back down. A short ride but is a good rush.

Jurassic Park River Adventure™ – Similar to the one in Hollywood, you get into the boat and travel up into the park. You will get sprayed by dinosaurs and then as you enter the building you are then evacuated down the long drop where you are soaked.

Spiderman™ – I am first going to start off by saying this ride surprised me! When you first walk in you are walking through the old school Daily Planet offices. I surely thought the ride was going to be old school as well, NOPE! I was pleasantly surprised when I boarded the taxi and it took me through New York with a high def Spiderman. The ride is similar to Transformers The Ride.

Easter Egg – Try to count how many times you see Stan Lee on the ride. I counted 5!

Dudley – Do-Right Ripsaw Falls – A classic log ride, you make your way through the mountain until the big drop where you get soaked!

Popeye’s and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges – A rafting ride that gets you soaked quick! Watch out above where there are the water cannons that others can soak you with!

Harry PotterHarry Potter and The Forbidden Journey™ – This is also an immersive ride. You first enter Hogwarts and wander the halls till you reach the ride. Here you sit down in a row of 4 on a robot arm (same ones used to build cars) and take on the Forbidden Journey.

Hogwarts™ Express – For those with a park to park pass you can take the Hogwarts Express to Kings Cross Station. You will enter the station then travel to  Platform 9 3/4 on the train. Once on the train, you will enter a cab and take your journey. The window shows all the scenery as you pass through the countryside and head back to London.

Have you ever been to Islands of Adventure or planning a trip? Let me know! 


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