Picking your Cruise Ship

My friend and I were planing a cruise for years. Finally our schedules worked out that we could have the same time off and take off on one.

Great! So the first part was over. Now it was time to pick the ship and itinerary.

How to compare the best cruises lines – This link is helpful for picking a cruise line that suites your needs and wants.

As there are several options to pick from you need to know what you are going for first.

  1. What size is the ship?
  2. What kinda crowd does the ship attract (College party, Family, Seniors)?
  3. Where does the ship stop in port?
  4. How long is the itinerary?
  5. What is the entertainment on the ship?
  6. What is and isn’t included in the cost?
  7. Price

Our responses were;

  1. Size – Go big or go home – So Oasis Class it is!
  2. Family – Well more something for everyone.
  3. Eastern Caribbean – I wanted the Sint Maarten port for Maho Beach.
  4. 7 Nights is what we felt was right.
  5. Multiple shows to pick from. Greese, Columbus, 1887, Fine Line, Magic, Comedy, Live music. The ship has it all.
  6. All food in the buffet, main dining room, Hot Dogs, endless pizza is included. Specialty dining is extra (Wonderland, Chops Grill, 150 Central Park ect.). Drinks – tap water, lemonade and juices (Breakfast) are included. Drink packages are available (more in another post)
  7. Price for us was between $1200 and $1700. We ended on the higher end with $1650 each.

So once all of that was decided. We picked the March 17 sail date on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas.

Next post I will cover stateroom options!

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