Picking your Stateroom

Royal Loft

So you narrowed down your search and decided on a ship and itinerary.

Well now its time to pick where you will sleep on the ship.

I will focus on Harmony of the Seas in this post. However most stateroom options are available on all ships.

Starting with the most expensive option;

Royal Suite Class – These offer extra perks such as, private hot tubs, slides in the room!, complimentary Gratuities, Specialty Dinning, Deluxe Beverage Package, VOOM internet!

The picture at the top of this page is of a Royal Loft Suite.

Suites also offer priority check in and boarding the ship on embarkation day.

Balcony Stateroom – On most ships a balcony room would give you that endless ocean view. However on Oasis class ships, you have options! As the ship is so large there are interior balconies overlooking the Boardwalk and Central Park. There is still the Ocean view options as well. Ocean view tends to be a bit more compared to the Boardwalk or Central Park options.

Ocean View – These staterooms offer a porthole look outside. These staterooms I would not recommend as it is basically an interior room with a window.

Interior – This is for those that love pitch black to sleep. These rooms are generally the cheapest. There isn’t much for anything special however most who book these do not plan to stay in their rooms a lot of the time anyway.

Some interior rooms have windows that overlook the Promenade.

Virtual Balcony – These rooms are an upgrade to the interior room. They are still interior however have a floor to ceiling 4K TV mounted to the wall. This TV has a live view from outside the side of the ship.

We picked the Virtual Balcony room. I was very impressed with the overall size and the quality of the video was amazing. Was great for arriving into port in the morning before getting out of bed to look out and see.

Studio Stateroom** – Harmony of the Seas offers some studio staterooms. These are for single travelers. You can get a discount taking one of these rooms over a regular room as you would not need to pay the double occupancy rate.

Next post I will cover Embarkation Day!

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