Cruise Compass

So you have made it on board the ship and all settled into your stateroom. You will find a Cruise Compass in your room and a new one will be provided daily for the next days activities and information.

Generally they are about 6 pages in length. The first page will have information about the weather for the day as well as some tips from the ship.

2nd Page: You will have some promotions offered as well as some information about the performances on board.

3rd Page: The next page will list the hours for all the fixed locations on-board. This could be things like the Zip Line or the Rock Climbing Wall as well as the Bionic bar and so on.

On the 3rd page you will also find all the hours for all the dining establishments on the ship.

4th Page: This is where you will find a list of all the activities during the evening and into the night. This page will also list all the music and dancing options.

5th Page: Very similar information to the 3rd page. More of less is kindof repeating itself.

6th Page: This is on the back of the Compass and you will find all the daytime activities on-board. Be sure to note the times for sign-up for some of the events. Please note some events require participates to be at least 18 years of age, (Example is the Belly Flop contest).

All the Compasses are provided in English, however if you would like one in another language head over to the guest services and they have several available in multiple languages. If you speak to your room attendant they can also arrange to have them in your room rather than the English ones if you would like.

Here is a link to a Cruise Compass from Harmony of the Seas sailing Eastern Caribbean Sept 2019. Cruise Compass

Next post I will be talking all about the Entertainment on board!

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