Harmony of the Seas Entertainment

Once you’re on-board you are going to be checking out everything that there is to offer you. Below is a break down from what I experienced myself on my sailing;


With any of the shows on board you will need to reserve your spot either through the cruise planner prior (Oasis Class ships) or once you are on the ship itself. Seating is limited however there shouldn’t be an issue with finding a show time that works for you and your party.

Fine Line:

This is the water acrobatics show that is at the back of the ship on the Boardwalk. I highly recommend this show! (A tip I was given was to not book the first night as sometimes there can be rough seas leaving Florida and the show is cancelled for safety)

The talent is amazing! This is a very unique show, even more so because it is at sea.

1887 – A Journey in Time:

This is an ice show! Be sure to wear something warm as the seating is close to the ice and some may find it cold.

The show itself is well put together and has some amazing technology used to help bring the show to life.

Columbus and Greece – Unfortunately due to other scheduled activities I cancelled my original performances and was not able to accommodate them later on in the sailing. (This was more due to my own fault and should be easy to avoid for most on board)


From anyone that as read any of my Vegas posts know that I enjoy Vegas and I do enjoy to gamble. The nice thing is I completely forgot there was a casino on board till about day 3 into the trip.

On the Oasis Class ships they have the casino on Deck 4 which is mostly away from everything. Once I took on the mission to find it I was really surprised overall. There is plenty of machines and table games to play.

DISCLAIMER: BRING USD CASH! The ship will accept cash in the casino. However you are able to charge to your stateroom using your room key. They will take a commission though. It is best to bring cash as then you can budget a gambling amount for your trip and not be shocked getting off the ship at the end of your cruise.

SMOKING IS PERMITTED IN THE CASINO – Keep this in mind mainly for non-smokers. I felt it was similar to Vegas for ventilation however if someone is beside you, then you will notice it. 

Pool Deck

Be sure to check your Cruise Compass everyday for activities on the pool deck. This could include any of the following;

  1. Belly flop Contest
  2. Worlds Sexiest Man Competition
  3. Pool Volleyball
  4. Basketball
  5. Volleyball
  6. Women Cannonball Competition

Be sure to check when sign up times are. Most will be about 15-30 minutes prior.

Zip Line / Flow Rider – You are required to fill out a waiver. This can be done on the TV in your stateroom. I can only confirm for over 18. If you have any children with you, then you might be required to sign in person at the activity on the iPads.

Quest Game Show

Honestly there is no words that can begin to describe what takes place in this room. You must be 18 years to enter the auditorium. Teams will be selected based on section you are sitting in.

The host of the game (Usually the Cruise Director) will ask for something from the audience. Each section will already have team captains chosen and they must bring that item. It is basically a scavenger hunt BUT there is no winner at the end. It is all in good fun and so funny to watch it all happen.

If you are ever on a Royal Caribbean sailing be sure to check it out!

At the end of the day there is so much to see an do. For the main attractions and shows you will be able to find time to get to one of them. However it is almost impossible to do everything on the ship in one sailing. YOU NEED TO SLEEP!!

I will have a BONUS posting coming out later today with a one on one interview with Cruise Director Ricky. Be sure to check it out!

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