Food On-board Harmony of the Seas

Okay so you are all settled into your stateroom and have spent some time at the pool in the hot sun. You are hungry! Where should you eat? Harmony offers plenty of options to choose from.

With any handling of food, be sure to wash your hands. The buffet will offer hand washing stations and the specialty will offer hand sanitizer.

With all the food choices, the best part is you can order as much as you like! Try something new! The portions are smaller then you would expect but also the ship allows for this. The food is amazing!

With the specialty dinning you will pay a premium to dine there. However you still can order 1 of EVERYTHING if you would like to. So be sure to come on an empty stomach and avoid the scale for about a month after your trip returns.

Windjammer Buffet – Located on Deck 16 at the Stern or Aft of the ship. There is two sides to pick from. They are the same selection. You can not go hungry here!

The breakfast options are limited however there is plenty of eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit to choose from.


Lunch is when they normally open the second half and offer anything and everything! If you want a burger and fries, or some pasta or pizza.

As with Lunch, Dinner is just as filling in the buffet.

Be sure to check around the back side that loops around. There is plenty of hot dishes, like tacos as well as the desert bars.

Main Dinning Room 

Breakfast is a more buffet style, however the selection is as limited as the Windjammer, I felt the quality as much better as the quantity was not as high.

Dinner – You have a few options. You can book a specific time, or you can arrive and they will seat you based on availability. The ship was sold out and we didn’t have an issue getting a table at 5:30 or 6:00.

150 Central Park

This was one of the two specialty dinning we went to. We had dinner here our first night. Unfortunately, my phone was dead at this point and I left in in the stateroom to charge. I was not able to get pictures.

That said, I had the Lobster Gnocchi to start followed by the Lamb Wellington. It was amazing! perfect medium rare and very tender.


This is a very imaginative cuisine. All the food is prepared very unique and your taste buds get tricked by your mind. The atmosphere is very much like Alice in Wonderland. Once you have a seat your menus are hidden and you just a paintbrush and water to reveal it.

We allowed our waiter to help pick our selections based on the chefs recommendations.

In the photo of all the food. The top left was my drink, followed by the Buffalo Chicken Eggs, Liquid Lobster, Shrimp Kataifi, Crispy Crab Cones, Oceanic Citrus, Halibut Cooked in Clear Paper and the Terroir Beef. Finished off with the Chocolate Globe that they pour hot caramel onto to open up.

Other Food Options:

There is still plenty of other options to choose from.

During the day – You can check out Mini Bites on the pool deck. This is a quick bite to eat with burgers and nacho chips.

You can also head to the Solarium for a more healthy choice.

Pizza is available 24 hours a day on deck 5 at Sorrentos.

On the Boardwalk there is also a hot dog stand.

As always there is Room Service (There is a service charge of $7.95 per order on our sailing)

Some of the other options as well are;

Chops Grill, Chefs Table, Sabor and Izumi.

Next I will post about all the Beverage Packages and the cost analysis of purchasing one on your nest cruise!

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